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How To Reuse Candle Jars

Reusing candle jars is a sustainable way to reduce waste and repurpose containers. Here's a list of 20 creative ways to reuse candle jars:

  1. Candle Refills: The most obvious way is to clean out the leftover wax and wick, then use the jar to make your own homemade candles if you know how to and have the appropriate supplies. You may even have access to a candle supplier who will “buy back” clean, used jars that you purchased from their store.

  2. Storage Containers:

    1. Beauty Products: Store makeup brushes, cotton balls, or cotton swabs in the jar.

    2. Office Supplies: Keep pens, pencils, or paper clips organized.

    3. Kitchen Storage: Store spices, tea bags, or sugar.

    4. Craft Supplies: Store beads, buttons, or small crafting items.

  3. Decorative Vases: Use the jars as small vases for flowers or succulents.

  4. Herb Garden: Plant herbs like basil, mint, or parsley in repurposed candle jars. Make sure to drill drainage holes in the bottom for proper watering.

  5. Candle Holder: If you enjoy candles, use the jar as a decorative holder for tea lights or small votive candles.

  6. Bathroom Organizer: Keep cotton balls, Q-tips, or bath salts within easy reach in the bathroom.

  7. Terrarium: Create a mini ecosystem by adding small plants, stones, and soil to the jar.

  8. Piggy Bank: Cut a slot in the lid and use it as a cute coin bank.

  9. Candy or Snack Jar: Fill it with your favorite candies, nuts, or dried fruits.

  10. Gift Packaging: Use the jars to package homemade gifts like bath salts, homemade jams, or cookie mixes.

  11. Candle Melter: Place a small candle in the jar and use it to melt wax tarts or essential oils for fragrance.

  12. Mini Terracotta Pot: Paint the outside and use it as a decorative pot for small plants.

  13. DIY Air Freshener: Fill the jar with baking soda and a few drops of essential oil for a homemade air freshener.

  14. Emergency Kit: Create a small emergency kit with items like matches, a flashlight, and first-aid supplies.

  15. Tealight Lantern: Place a small LED tea light or candle inside for a lantern effect.

  16. Spa Night: Fill it with Epsom salts, essential oils, and dried flowers to create a luxurious bath soak.

  17. Coin Collection: Keep loose change organized.

  18. Desk Organizer: Store paper clips, push pins, or rubber bands on your desk.

  19. Glass or Mug: Some candles are poured in reusable mugs or even wine glasses. Clean these out thoroughly and continue to enjoy!

  20. Key organizer: Keep your keys handy in a decorative candle container.

Remember to thoroughly clean and remove any remaining wax and labels before repurposing your candle jars. Comment below to share your favorite ways to reuse these versatile containers!


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